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My thinking has definitely evolved after several trips to Schoenberg. I can't believe they've been there all these years and I never bothered to stop by! I've discovered, having played a wide variety of guitars in that style, that I really like the vintage Martin sound. I guess the conventional wisdom is that vintage Martins are more fundamental-focused - dry sounding even, and are lacking for overtones. Maybe that's true, but to my ear they have wonderful note separation and complexity nonetheless. It happens to be a guitar style that works well with my playing style.

I've also discovered at Schoenberg - again, having played many examples - that I'm a big fan of koa and mahogany. There's more to the guitar world than rosewood - go figure! I've also discovered, and developed a real taste for, Adirondack spruce as a top wood. Most of the guitars I end up playing/trying tend to have Euro or Sitka. I really enjoy the power and projection I hear on Adi-topped guitars.

So in light of my discoveries and my experience with several different OMs, 000s, 00s, etc, I've decided to point John in a more traditional direction. I've also discovered that I ever so slightly prefer the 000-12 to the 00-12, though it's a difficult choice between the two.

After a few discussions with John over the past few months, we've changed the spec piecewise, and now it appears we're ending up in a much different place than we started. Thanks in large part to all of the great examples of Martin builds (and actual Martins) at Schoenberg, and their awesome staff of course.

John and I have decided to spec the guitar with an Adirondack spruce top and Tasmanian Blackwood back and sides. He feels Tasmanian Blackwood can often sound much like koa but that it takes a cutaway bend more easily than koa. I have been very impressed by two koa guitars I've played at Schoenberg - a 000-12 Schoenberg built by Bruce Sexauer with Carpathian and koa and a 000-12 Eichelbaum with Adi and koa.

I think John's wood recommendations will result in a stellar guitar. And I think you can put me firmly in the camp of those who appreciate the vintage Martin sound.
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