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Originally Posted by nikpearson View Post
In my (limited) experience hide glue dries to the same colour as the beads/flakes were before water is added, that is transparent brown/orange, so not clear by any means. I do agree it makes for a less obvious join in guitar tops though.
Yes, you are correct.

To clarify.

When doing woodwork, it is applied so thin, it drys to a colour and consistency that you cannot see it on the surface of the wood or between the grains of the wood, but if you drop a large thick blob onto a stark White plastic surface (as shown in photo) and allow it to dry, then yes its not invisible or clear on that surface.

Originally Posted by printer2 View Post
Just checked it again, I can just about force a piece of paper in the center of the crack and it tapers to nothing at the but end of the guitar and at the bridge. If I push down on the one side, it has a little more of a bow up than the other, the crack pretty much disappears. I'll just get some Titebond in there and squeeze it together then.
You could over humidify the crack by allowing it to soak under a wet rag for a day, then force some glue under pressure into the join and allow it to set, then hopefully as it returns to the correct humidity it does not re-open or split else where.

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