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Originally Posted by printer2 View Post
Since we are talking top cracks. I have a fan braced guitar I made a few years ago. The humidity dropped over winter and the center seam separated, the guitar is almost back to normal now. Wondering about the gap, do I try removing the Titebond with sandpaper for the hide glue to have wood surfaces? There is still a slight gap, should I hydrate it more till the wood surfaces meet or do I try and clamp it closed (difficult but not impossible). The fan brace under the center joint is also loose on one side. How would you deal with that?
If the gap is big enough to fit sandpaper in, then you may have to consider doing a splint repair.

I do not like to mix glues personally, if it was previously glued with titebond, then I will steam to clean and re-use titebond.

This is the joys of hide glue, heat and continue using, no cleaning the old glue out required



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