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Originally Posted by pmorr000 View Post
This is a great looking guitar. Did you provide the wood, or did the builder?
I first become familiar w/ the general audible differences between mahogany and rosewood only ten to fifteen years ago. By no stretch of the imagination would I know the difference between a dud tonewood set and a tonewood set at the top one tenth percentile in sweetness, presence, volume and bass power.

The short answer is Ryan is my source for all things guitar, especially the wood. Ryan showed me a certificate from his commercial wood supplier claiming that carbon dating of the Port Orford Cedar for the top of my next flat top is X (IIRC 10) thousand years old.

Electronics may be an exception. My decades of experience as an audiophile and DIY builder may provide an upgrade for the potentiometers (plastic conductive elements) and wiring for the forthcoming electric bass. Treating the pots w/ Caig Pro Gold provides easily audible benefits. A can costs $15 but it lasts about a decade and you'd pay 10x that much after hearing it. Treat every pot in your guitar and amp, all jacks/plugs including the AC outlet/plug. Use a rag to catch excess and overspray. Avoid overspray on finished surfaces. Used for decades w/ no negative results. NOT subtle; strap the seat belt of your playing chair to prevent injury.
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