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Default I have the Tonedevil from Gryphon

I also have an Emerald Synergy harp guitar. I have a number of fine guitars but the Synergy gets the most playing time. Hanging on the door in my bedroom makes it easy to grab anytime. Currently I'm working on the Bach Air on the G string.
The Tonedevil is a wonderful instrument. It is what I use when I gig along with my Taylor GC7 unless it's outside. Then it's carbon fibre.
The Synergy came with an aluminum flight case that weighs more than the guitar. Definitely overkill for me. If someone has a need for it I'd trade for the Emerald gig bag. The Tonedevil came with a light keyboard gig bag that I use for the Synergy and I bought a sturdier keyboard bag for the Tonedevil.
Time to start polishing up my Christmas set. Used the Tonedevil last year and it worked out better than I thought.
It is quite a learning experience - how far to reach for a sub note and palm muting. I've even used my chin.
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