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I love pianos as much as the next guy, and love playing other instruments with a pianist. They have access to a lot of bass notes which I think is fun to play along with.

But I guess I'm still of the opinion that if reaching an advanced stage of guitar playing is your goal, and you only have so many hours in a week to play, I think any time you have getting to know the guitar fingerboard is time well spent.

Learning the notes to chords and scales is one thing (which is more visually laid out on the piano, but not impossible to figure out on the guitar), but getting the shapes of the chords and scales and the notes that tie them together musically into your muscle memory takes time and active work too. I'm not so sure you can really speed up that process in any other way than simply spending time with your hands on the guitar.

If you were a child starting from scratch, I think the piano is a great start to get a a basic understanding of music. But of course, you are not a child starting from scratch. With that said, since you already have the piano in your home, definitely mess around with it (of course you will)! You don't have to make an active commitment to "study" it or not right now. See if it seems like fun or not.

Disclaimer: I'm not a music teacher nor trying to pretend I am, this is just me thinking out loud.
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