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I’d say pick out some melodies you already know. Learn one song on the piano with melody and chords. See if you can improvise and figure some things out, maybe be creative and make a song. Take music you know on guitar and apply that to the piano. Use things you figure out on piano and apply it to the guitar. Music is synergistic; anything you do in one medium will make you a better musician in the others. If you read music, try some easy piano sheet music.

The keyboard layout being linear is especially good for conceptualizing harmony. It might be helpful to learn some chords on the piano, playing the root with your left hand, and the full chord with your right. After getting the major and minor triads down in various keys, add progressions, e.g, I-vi-ii-V-I (major keys), then learn diminished and augmented chords, add extensions to form seventh, ninth chords, initially, then alterations, e.g. b5 & b9. This is fundamental to theory, which you may find useful in all realms of musical experience.
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