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[QUOTE=Red_Label;6259585]I've owned quite a few classical/flamenco guitars... both solid and laminated. Honestly, I really don't hear a difference if all things are equal. For instance, right now I have a Cordoba C5 CET Ltd thin body laminate that doesn't sound any less quality for all practical purposes, than the all-solid FCWE Reissue, 55FCE maple, or 55FCE Ltd ziricote thin bodies that I had. What does sound different are the electronics. All of those higher-end models had the Fishman Prefix ProBlend systems, which I prefer over any other system for nylon strung guitars. The C5 CET has the Fishman Isys system and I do like it so far, more than the Presys system that is generally on Cordoba's lower-end guitars.

I've also owned nylon stringed guitars from Yamaha, Takamine, Rodriquez, Breedlove and others and frankly, the differences between them never seemed to be whether they were solid or laminate. For instance, my laminate Breedlove Passport N250 compared to my solid Breedlove Masterclass Bossa Nova. The top tier Bossa Nova had far superior fit&finish to the N250... but the tones weren't miles apart between them.

Honestly, my belief is that the reason that people generally assume that all-solid guitars sound better, it because they are usually the mid, and top tier instruments... which are built with better materials and with more care. All of which results in a better sound. If one were to take identical models of guitars, except one had laminate B/S and the other had solid B/S... IF there were a difference, it would only be related to the fact that as an all-solid guitar ages (and gets played more), its wood changes and will generally become a little more responsive. Whereas the laminate guitar will tend to resist that change more, because the thin layers of wood are glued/bonded.

By far, an all-solid top > over a laminate top. The back and sides make much less of a difference From the conception of the guitar to the completion of the instrument therein lies the mystery. The builder's secrets bring to us that heavenly sound that we need.
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