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Originally Posted by JayBee1404 View Post
I haven’t purchased a guitar from the US since 2012 so I’m a bit ‘out of date’, but I did hear that. I assumed it was something to do with CITES - looks like my assumption was wrong and it was a business decision?
Yes, I think the rule came into force last February. Pressure to introduce it probably came from Martin's overseas distributors who had most to lose from the freedom of overseas buyers to buy from the US dealers at a big discount to the local price. In the UK, Martin distribution is handled by Westside and they effectively set the pricing in the UK which dealers seem to adhere to quite closely. It's a different game buying a Martin here than it seems to be in the US. Overseas buyers also miss out on the lifetime warranty and factory service. I'm happy with my D-28 but can't help feel that buying a Martin here is a bit of a mug's game. I'm not into collecting guitars or buying them for the sake of it, so I'm unlikely to be buying a new guitar any time soon but if I do I think I'll consider something produced more locally. An Atkin, something like that.
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