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Thank you.

The braces were messy but glued and functional as far as I could tell and were left alone. Gluing a cleat or any other reinforcement was not possible without cleaning up all that excess glue. Gobs of glue from the brace repair was already covering the area under the break. I would not really call it a crack, it was a break extending right through the top close to 90deg across the grain. From memory, it extended from just under the bridge plate, under the X brace and right out the other side of the X. Would not surprise me if it was actually much bigger than what I could see.

The owner told me she had been trying to get it fixed for more than 10 years. I don't claim to have "fixed" it, after all the top is still broken, but at least it is playable and sounded surprisingly good. I don't think I would have been able to fix it properly without taking the back off. Maybe someone expert at poking around through the soundhole might manage it, but I can't. The owner was fully informed and extremely happy and that is what really counts.
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