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Originally Posted by brencat View Post
Dave, just a suggestion, but you may want to rearrange the OP and photos so people know which tops, headplates, heel caps, and backs go together. You also mentioned you have some with 1.78" nuts and others with 1.813" nuts.

I'd suggest something like this:

Guitar #1
- 1.78" nut
- Top photo
- Back photo
- Headplate photo
- Healcap photo
- Anything else

Rinse and repeat for #2 and #3.

I love looking at this thread... GLWS!

Howdy, thanks for your comment, I just posted a handful of pics to have a show off eye candy gallery, and yes, easy to get confused, which is why I originally stated this in my add...

*** "I'll post more than enough pics so you'll have an idea... I can be more precise when it comes time, and send a specific folder for each guitar, so headstocks, back and sides, top views etc aren't getting confused...." ***

A post on the AGF is simply an avenue for a serious buyer to reach out to me... Over the phone ect, we'll discuss the differences in each instruments, the specs, I'll send pic folders for each guitar... I spent numerous days going back an forth with a fellow AGF member who bought one from me in order to help him choose....

Hit me up to discuss BEST pricing and which guitar you want...!!! EASY
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