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I'm interested to at least try it since I'll be in Singapore at the end of the year or early next year. But for me, I like sound hole access and prefer a different nut and scale length. I wasn't particular in the past, but AGF has slowly made me more picky :-).

Maybe by the time I travel there will a second model available to try, but even then, I have all the guitars I need for the limited play time I have available.

I watched the construction video(s) when it was first introduced several months ago and it's apparent it is not made from carbon fiber--at least not carbon fiber cloth--but carbon "something else".

If I recall correctly, it begins with "carbon" pellets that are melted and then injected into a mold. It hardens very quickly and moments later, voila, you have the guitar, or parts, at least. A very automated and clean process.

Maybe the pellet are infused with carbon fiber particles or tiny fibers? I really don't know and they never got into that level of detail. I assume it's still very strong--but maybe not quite the same as normal carbon fiber composite.

Regardless, as mentioned, if it produces good sound, is quality made, plays easily, it certainly will also have the main advantages of other CF instruments--being care free. With the NEVER ending heat and humidity of Singapore, this should be attractive for players. I know the other CF makers have sales there for the same reasons.

For many players, the drawbacks for me are not drawbacks at all but pluses. And if the electronics work well--it makes a very interesting guitar. I think I like the looks as well.
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