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Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Looks like some killer woods on this one!

Looking forward to following along...
Thank you, Nemoman! Definitely killer woods all around this one! More to come on that. I'd like to think that we have some killer details to bring it all together into a very unique and classy instrument.
My goal was to give it a "19th century meets 21st century" aesthetic, so that's the direction it's headed as the build unfolds. I love the vintage details of the old gut string classical and parlor guitars of the 19th century, and their somewhat Victorian more formal appearance. I took a lot of inspiration from researching pictures of instruments from this time period. Overall, I think it will be quite understated, but quite unique, nonetheless.
Certainly no one will mistake this guitar for a vintage instrument, considering it will have a Florentine cutaway and a soundport, among other things.

Here is a picture of a Lowlander model from the McKnight Guitars website:

...and here is a rough computer sketch Tim made a while ago that will give some idea of what we have planned:


2015 Doerr "Signature" Trinity--Cedar/ Master Grade Brazilian
2016 Edwinson EPC Fanfret--Ancient Glacier Sitka Spruce/Rosewood
2016 Hippner "Torres"--German Spruce/Pernambuco
2019 McKnight Lowlander--German Spruce/Pernambuco

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