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Originally Posted by WYfish View Post
track down a used D-18V
All of the best features of the new D18, with a 1-11/16 nut width and mod-V neck.

I bought a 2005 D-18V for myself and I love it to pieces. Great sound and a better feeling neck than a new 18.

I'm tempted to say that a D-18V will often sound even better than a post-2012 D18. I realize that doesn't make sense and there's no reason why they should. The characteristics important to sound are essentially the same in both models. Still, I'm tempted to say the D-18V often sounds even better than the post-12 D-18.

I won't insist on it though.

Of course YMMV but I'd try a D-18V before ordering a custom.

Uncle R.
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