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Default D-18 help...?

I recently got a D-18, have wanted one for a long time. I love everything about it, except the neck. I'm just having a hard time bonding with the performing artist taper neck. So I was thinking about getting a custom D-18 but with a different neck... everything the same as the current D-18 standard just a different neck. I know it's better to play different necks and it's subjective but what Martin necks are thicker/fuller? Don't really have an option to play a variety of their necks so was looking for some help. I played a Martin DCX1E for about 15 years, but having been playing Recording Kings and Eastmans the last 3-5 years. Reallly like the fuller necks on the Eastmans and RK's. The neck on the D-18 doesn't have to be as thick as those but thicker than the PA taper... it feels really thin to me. Don't want to go with a pre 2012 because I like the changes that happened... 1 3/4 nut, ebony board & bridge, forward shifted X bracing, open tuners, aging toner, etc...

Thanks & Hey everybody

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