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Hehehe I ended up using a wet kitchen rag, spanish yellow , and only sprayed but a little water on the wood. I bent this so far:

Unfortunately, I messed things up a little, this is proving to be a real challenge.

I got this crack on a couple places, always on the edge of the wood. I might be able to save the side, though, don't you think? By gluing with cyanocrylate after the whole side is bent. At the end of the day, the edge of the sides is going to be routed to house the binding.

Why could be the cause of these cracks? To be honest, I'm guessing the pipe is not getting hot enough, and that is the reason why I'm better not wetting the wood to much, and it takes that long to being able to start bending.

I'm placing the hot pipe vertically, and looking at Fred's picture, it seems like a better idea to place it horizontally, in order to keep the sides perpendicular to the pipe. Thanks for that!


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