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I have recently purchased three Córdoba guitars. I really like the tone. I have found no other guitar in that price range that tickles my funny bone the way they do.
However, I must say in all fairness, I had to return one, and may have to return another due to really uneven fret work and fingerboards. I first got a 3/4 size for my daughter that has an uneven fret or two, no biggie; though one of my favorite notes buzzes.
Then, I bought a 32e at Best Buy. Sounded delicious at first, then I discovered a few notes that would create this loud resonant, stereo sounding metalic sizzle as if two tones are playing at once, somewhat like the sound of a kazoo. They were show stoppers. I took it to my luthier who improved it, but could not get rid of one. He said it was a nice guitar, but the neck was not straight enough. I managed to get my money back from Best Buy and purchase a C7 that I fell in love with.
I got the C7 home and was loving it for a while until I played a certain chord that revealed the same problem with the neck as the 32e. It was not just fret buzz. I am not about to spend another extra $100 to have this one fixed.
So, I am ready to take this one back and try one more Cordoba guitar, because I have high hopes that I will find the right one. The tone is incredible, but it does appear from my experience that Quality Control needs to double check the frets on some of them. Maybe the fourth time will be the charm.

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