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Cordoba's lower-end models have a good pedigree, having been designed by Kenny Hill and possibly one or two other high-end luthiers. However, consistency is an issue, at least among the models built in China. When I bought my Fusion 14 RS there were three at the store, only one of which had a decent setup and enough saddle material to indicate that it had been built properly. I'm happy with the one I bought, but I would have passed on the other two.

BTW, the fret ends were fine on all three, but in my opinion the string spacing at the nut was too narrow for the neck width. I had a new nut made for a very reasonable price whiich improved the guitar's playability considerably.

I also owned a C5-CE briefly that was very good, with a somewhat richer tone than my Fusion and nice workmanship, but since I'm plugging that guitar in most of the time the crossover is the better choice.
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