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I'm pretty new to F1 (I don't even get to watch the races themselves - long story) but it sure seems to me from what has happened so far this season that Hamilton gets far more benefit of the doubt than any other driver. There is absolutely no question he is a fantastic driver but things do seem to go more his way than against him. I'm just saying...

As to Russell joining Mercedes, I believe it will most definitely be interesting. Isn't Wolf Russell's "manager" or something like that? How will that play into Russell driving for Mercedes while Hamilton is still doing so, all while Mr. Wolf is heading up things...

Again, I'm new to F1 but sometimes it seems rather incestuous and confusing at times...

I'm very happy for Ricciardo however. I read he basically led the entire race so it's not like he only won because he took advantage of the carnage between Max and Hamilton.

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