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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
I was sitting last night wishing I had better speakers for my computer. I don't know if it's really the speakers alone or some combination of problems with my sound card, but things sound off from time to time. There's some unexplained "warbling" in things from time to time.

I'm staring at my Focusrite, wishing upon that star, when I finally see it.

The headphone jack.

Output in all DAWs are now set to the Focusrite, speakers and soundcard issues are sidestepped. I have a set of AKG headphones with the adapter, I'm going to see if the adapter works with my Beats otherwise I'll get one (I may have one for them somewhere)

You'd hope so, but that sometimes doesn't solve intermittent problems. Most of the setup guides for using a PC with a alternate sound card or external USB interface tell you to go into your PC bios setup and disable the internal sound card. That's the bios setup you access usually by pressing a function key during startup of your computer. I've always done it for any PC that I've used an interface card with.

As a side note, all the hoops you have to jump through for using a PC is why I love using an external recorder for audio capture. It's easy enough to use the PC for editing, though.
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