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I'll revise my answer a little bit. Ignoring what you have:

A Zoom recorder alone is the simplest way to *record* - point it at the guitar, hit the record button and play. However, there's more to completing a recording than just capturing the sound (see below)

Adding external mics will probably produce better sound, but now you have to set up mics, learn how to place them, etc.

Using a computer interface is more complex at first, because there are more moving parts, possibilities of computer problems and so on. Once setup, that's not hard either - open the software, arm a track, hit record and play. (of course there's setting up mics, and so on)

BUT, Since you have mics and an interface already, another answer to "simplest" is "use what you have" and get started. See what works and what doesn't and go from there.

Keep in mind that you will likely want to edit, EQ, mix, add reverb, etc, which means you ultimately need a computer-based system to do that with, so some might argue that the simplest thing in the long run is to just use that same system for recording.

You didn't mention any monitoring, possibly the 2nd most important thing regardless of how you record, since you can't really work with the sound if you can't hear it well. And the No. 1 most important thing - room acoustics. You may be lucky and have a decent sounding room already - for recording solo acoustic guitar with close micing, a typical living room or bedroom can be OK, tho being able to hear the audio well enough (over those monitors) that you can even know if you have a decent recording, typically involves a room that's had some acoustic treatment.

What I use for recording solo acoustic guitar varies with what I'm doing. I use a Zoom with external mics for my You Tube videos- that has more to do with my physical setup, where I'm shooting and so on, and for audio-only where I care more about sound-quality, I record using a computer interface into Logic on a Mac. A variety of external mics, monitors, room treatment, plugins, etc.
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