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I played the CH-WS, CH-OM, and CH-PA in a 20'x30' show room.

The tone was similar and the sound volume was proportional to size.

Played in a *large space*, the larger CH-WS sounded fully and more satisfying than the CH-OM. This was confirmed by three other customers in the room. (The CH-PA was much quieter than the CH-OM and CH-WS.) I didn't compare them in a smaller checkout room.

The CH-WS is as thick as a dreadnaught, and the soundboard area is midway between the CH-OM and a dreadnaught. I thought the CH-WS and CH-OM were equally comfortable to play.

The CH-WS has a curvy waist that that we found a bit more comfortable than a dreadnaught when sitting (thigh space, tummy space, boob space).

The CH-WS played and sounded as well as the similarly priced Gibson J-15, Martin D-16, Taylor 314ce that were in the showroom.

BTW the neck profile of the six guitars played and measured almost identical.

My next guitar will be a CH-WS or an H-DR, with the NS medium length neck and the T-burst finish.



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