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Originally Posted by Willie Voltaire View Post
While it may be that this isn't the one for you, impressions of a guitar on the same day it arrives (or even the same week) can be deceptive. I've never bought a mail-order guitar that didn't benefit from a pro set-up, but at least let it acclimate to its new environment for awhile. And Gibson often uses Masterbilt 80/20 strings on their new guitars, which sound a bit harsh to me, especially when new.

Hope it works out for you!
This is in line with my J-15 experience, Willie. At first, the strings sounded harsh when I strummed hard. This concerned me, because I specifically got the J-15 to be a strummer! I ordered in some Masterbilt Phosphor Bronze strings in hopes that they would sound less strident. While waiting for the new strings to arrive in the mail, though, the strings the guitar came with eventually calmed down, and that warm, woody sound I was looking for came through.

I'm still going to try the PBs, but for now the 80/20s are sounding good so I'll wait until the current ones die before trying the new ones.
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