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Too many to recall, but I got so interested in Brazilian rosewood Martins when they switched to EIR that I started keeping track. Since 1969, 146 pre-1970 Martin guitars, the vast majority Brw. The mahogany guitars (maybe 10) were either given to me, or so undervalued by the sellers that I bought them on impulse.

In educated guess is 200 additional acoustics. The acoustics were almost all 000 or smaller from Washburn, Regal, Lyon Healy, Stahl, Euphonen, and about 25 H165s (big surprise).

Add fifty electrics. I got most of the the electrics the same way as the mahogany guitars above. Being a 50s kid growing up in beautiful downtown Whittier, mostly local guitars - Fenders, Mosrites, & Rickenbackers.

I also bought some local makers' guitars....Bernie Rico, Candelas, Ernie Drumheller, Mattingly, Tom Norwood, Morris Covault, and Ren Ferguson's attempts to clone old Martin parlors. I even got sidetracked on old arch-tops for a while - Cs, Fs, and the monster Epiphones and such.

Oh....almost forgot....three lap steels, one (that's enough) pedal steel, half a dozen resophonics.

Every single guitar I bought in the first 130 Martins was an attempted "step up". Up until about 10 years ago I liked model 42 the best, so I chased them every day. I would trade piles of stuff to get a 42 or a 40. Had a blast.

Almost done selling the last of them, but not quite. Nowadays half of the stuff I have looks to most people like thrift store rejects, but folks here and on UMGF know what's under the hood.

Don't get me started on banjos.... (I'm ducking now)

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