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Originally Posted by Rev Roy View Post
What I have often seen are people posting used guitars for sale at ridiculously high prices...typically more than you would pay to get the same guitar new from one of our sponsor. Those are the guitars that sit unsold for a long time...
I used to have a neighbor who was an avid garage sale guy- he would use his garage to store his goods and have multiple sales a Summer. Him and his wife always did pretty well.

Well I decided to have my first garage sale ever and was an avid BMX street bike enthusiast. I was asking way too much for a bike that had more sentimental value to me than what it was worth, but it just sat around and wasn't being used. He walked by my sign and said, "You really don't want to sell that bike do you?".

That is when I first realized that sometimes you just have to let something go. You either want to make a little money or no money at all.
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