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Default Need your help to verify the last two strings (trebles) on this?

Hi all

I love creative 'tunings' and as near as I can tell this is an open B minor tuning. I've listened and retuned my Kronbauer to B-B-D-F#-b-d. I have also experimented with B-B-D-F#-a-d. Either way

I'd love your help in verifying the trebles (the b-d, a-d or other) of the tuning. There are only 4/5 chords (and 2 or three fingerings) she uses. She's actually a keyboardist who plays guitar occasionally. By selectively strumming strings I can make either tuning I listed work.

This tuning works with the fingerings she's doing, and I hear a flat-7 note when they coast on the open Bm, but there are a lot of other guitars on that stage who are just playing in Bm (D). Lots of Pentatonic lead wending around in there (and slide).

She is often only playing strings 3-4-5-6 (which is the basic chord).

This is Molly Skaggs (Ricky Skagg's daughter)…what an amazing contemporary rendition of an old mountain tune!! The other two singers in the front row (husband and wife) are her bandmates from Uncaged Bird (her band).

Thanks in advance…

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