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Default Little Original Tune - Home Studio

This is against every introvert bone in my body, but here you go...
Take a listen to my "first crack" at a home studio song.

Link to Google Drive mp3 upload.

What do you hear that is good or bad or just ugly? Is the EQing a D- grade or maybe at least a B+? What might you add?
Feedback would be super duper appreciated as I can only get better from other ears and other input.

Sounds decent to me through my monitors and through my car speakers. Can't get anything to sound good through laptop speakers.

Signal chain is:
Bad player (me) - '95 Taylor 512 - Stereo pair of MBHO 440's aimed at neck joint and behind the saddle - UR44 built in preamps - Ableton Live - Minimal EQ and Comp

Two tracks should be panned L&R, but I'm still figuring out my DAW.

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