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Originally Posted by Kerbie View Post

The paperclip is to the right of the white smiley face. I think you don't see it because you are not a charter member. Members can post from their computers. Registered users cannot.

Of course, you can rectify that right HERE
Aha!!! A crafty piece of marketing! Thanks for putting me right Kerbie.

Actually, I see now a solution, albeit a fussy one: I download the original image, repost it into my account on a photo site like Flickr, resize it, and then link to that resized image in the usual way. That would work, but I think mostly life is too short for such convoluted maneuvres.

An even simpler method is either (a) not to worry about the reproduction of superbig images when replying; or (b) delete them from the quoted section of the reply and just put up with the absence of the image.

Still, it would be ever so nice to be able to use those [img width=200 height=100]{url}[/img] types of code. Is it impossible to incorporate it into the forum's coding?
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