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Originally Posted by 83SanDimas View Post
I am looking for a small CF guitar that nas at the very least a 1.75 nut and is short scale 24.7-24.9 12 fret for finger dtyle.

I have a rainsong p12 and it is a great guitar but the nut is too narrow. It is said to be 1.75 but it is not.

My current favorite guitars are 12 fret 00 bodies and would like a close CF equivalent.

What do you suggest?
RainSong guitars do in fact have a nut width of 1.75". I measured mine this morning, and have had a couple of previous RainSongs that were the identical 1.75".

If you are detecting a narrow feel, consider that it is not the nut width, but the string spacing at the saddle that you are feeling.

My RainSong and my Emerald X20 both have 1.75 nut width, . . . but the RainSong string spacing at the saddle is 2 5/32" and the Emerald X20 is 2 8/32".
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