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This past December, I decided to buy my first "real" stereo of my entire life. I had never owned a stereo before then, and man, have I been missing out!

Before I get into the specs, the only thing I'd like to change out is my receiver. While it sounds amazing, the L/R fader is scratchy and sometimes one side goes out a little and isn't as loud as the other side. I opened up the front and top and tried to spray contact cleaner, but everything's so sealed up, it's pretty much impossible to get to. I did the best I could, and while it works better than it did, it'll still act up every once in a while. Otherwise, it's an amazing system. My record collection is starting to look somewhat respectable.

Below are not actual pictures of my equipment (except for the last picture), but these are the same make/model of the things I bought.

Pioneer speakers circa 1974 (CS-701A)


Yamaha P-220 turntable (circa 1987). My turntable was only $25, so I spent much more on the cartridge. Worth. Every. Penny. This is a great turntable: adjustable weighted tone arm, anit-skate, a really heavy-duty platter, rubber slip mat, and now it has an amazing cartridge.

Here's what it all looks like in my basement (I didn't have the turntable hooked up yet). It couldn't fit any better than it does. It sounds so good, I've had two friends buy a turntable and a third one is in the market.

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