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Originally Posted by Mark Hatcher View Post
Brave? More like scared. I think I've said before on the forum that you are just not really challenging yourself and it isn't really fun unless your a little scared!
I'm doing a lot of research for this one and trying out a few practice runs on things like binding an f-hole and optimum saddle height for a flattop parlor with f-holes and a trapeze tail pc. So far so good!

I'm very curious about how you plan to brace this top. This is a great opportunity to break out some new engineering concepts. I'm wondering what sort of sound and tonal palette you guys are looking to get with this interesting design. I'm thinking of that 1920's Epiphone Olympic archtop that David Rawlings has played for years now.
Is this sort of what you guys are doing with this guitar?
Very cool concept! I'll be watching this build. A Hatcher/ Rogers collaboration!
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