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Originally Posted by arie View Post
1. no, not sacrilege at all.

2. the L-00 format does not lend itself well to thunderous strumming. choose a larger body style for windmill action.

3. can't comment on varnish -yet
Hi Arie - OK, I just got some honduran mahogany and am glueing it up as we speak.......making a two piece neck (I'm really trying to go cheapish.....although it looks like Rodger really did well that way!).

Ive got plenty of other guitars for windmill action woohoo! (and correct me if im wrong here, I dont think body size is what makes a guitar heavy strummable......I think its mostly scale length, top wood and bracing, right?). Anyways, I already made my side bending jig! But I think I might go long scale with this bad boy. Essentially, Im in love with the ascetic of the L-00 and I will play the guitar (I dream) as it likes to be played, if you know what I mean.

Excellent! Thanks for feedback.
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