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Originally Posted by Left of Sam View Post
Hello AGF - Im going for it and hope to get help along the way! I moved from Alaska to Oregon recently and now have a garage = enough room for some tools etc.

Anyways, I was given a billet of curly maple years ago and planned on using it for electric tops. But im just too dang passionate about acoustics and so its time to man up.

My target is a L-00 esque guitar, spruce top, maple back and sides, ebony fretboard, ivoroid bindings. I want it to sound like a Kim Walker . Im going to go with a sunburst varnish finish.

My questions for now:
- Is it sacrilege to have a MAHOGANY neck with MAPLE back and sides? I just like mahogany necks better. EDIT found this thread:

- Im wondering about tops. I am and old rocker at heart and have moments of thunderous strumming and think I might like an adirondack top. However, I wonder if, with maple back and sides, that will lead to a potentially super bright, rigid tone? Thoughts?

- although Im so far from finishing, I dont seem to see a consensus on varnish. Is Behlens rock hard a good choice?

OK, here's the materials and such I've got so far.

1. no, not sacrilege at all.

2. the L-00 format does not lend itself well to thunderous strumming. choose a larger body style for windmill action.

3. can't comment on varnish -yet
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