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For me personally, I always found/find I much prefer the lighter colored AND highly figured wood grains. My first woody was a cocobolo after seeing the very first one produced. But it was just too dark in the finished product. My next one was a Ziricote with an incredible sapwood grain pattern but again the finished product was just too dark. The third was a Royal Ebony which was great. It's light enough but with the dark figuring so that the final product really popped.

For your choices - and again, for me personally - the quilted maple is definitely light but not enough grain variance for me. That said, I have seen some Emeralds that look sexy although I generally almost always hate the colored ones. The standard burst type finishes tend to look better in quilted maple, IMHO. Oh yeah, and I HATE teal!

I've never been a fan of the redness in the padauk and so not a fan of that one either, especially with those wide stripes. With the haborica, I've seen a few that have been okay but again with the wide dark stripes it would be too dark for me.

That leaves the spalted chen which for me is the best you've got up there. It's very much like the Royal Ebony in that it's light in color with darker and highly figured wood grain although the grain patterns don't quite pop as much as the darker Royal Ebony lines.

The spalted chen woody topped guitars have always been my favorites along with the Royal Ebony. So, that would be my choice but in a natural color. But of course that is just MY opinion. Ultimately, it's up to you!
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