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Default Opinions on possible Emerald order

Stuck in my own head. I may order myself a Virtuo....but I'm stuck on what I'd order. When I got my X30, I specifically wanted a Padauk, and the veneer I saw was clearly, 100%, no question IT.

Now I'm torn. N+3 is not at option, so forget it.
I know it's my choice, and no one else's opinion matters in the end....but trying to get some thoughts from others on what they would do!

I was thinking Quilted Maple, in a blue. I did talk to Alistair today, and there are a few other options that may work.
I'm now thinking if I did quilted maple....I'd do the teal from the latest shipping video, with a blue burst (instead of vintage amber, but the same style) to a vibrant blue carbon.

Or, I'm thinking another complement my X30.

Or perhaps a Harborica....perhaps in a clear, with natural vibrant silver layered carbon? (Need to ask about that yet).

Or perhaps Spalted Chen Chen. I like the lighter color there....but I've never considered Spalted Chen Chen before.

Quilted Maple that I would select.

Padauk that I would select.

Harborica that I would select.

Spalted Chen Chen that I would select.
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