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Originally Posted by jseth View Post
I have to say Dazzo... compared to either the Anthem SL system or the K&K, it's just in another class altogether. Had the Anthems in both my stage guitars for a decade; had the K&K in my Goodall GC for nearly a decade... didn't gig with the K&K much, but I never found a "great" setting for tone with that... tried a bunch of stuff to get there, too (not a SunnAudio, however!), but other than a vaguely acoustic tone, I never heard that pickup sound really good...

Had Dazzos put in both my current guitars, 6 string Goodall Concert Jumbo and Mark Angus F-40 12 string, and I was just knocked out by the tone and natural sound coming from them... through my Bose L1 Model II (T1 mixer), I just set it to overall "flat", with ZERO EQ (!) and those Dazzos sound marvelous!

Hardest part of the install was getting the superglue off the bridgeplate from the previous K&K pickup! THAT was harrowing for Vancebo (he generously did the install for me) and I didn't like having to actually "sand" the bridgeplate a bit to get most of the superglue off...

In contrast, after installing the Dazzos (6 minute epoxy), I was very pleased with the result, but Teddy Rondazzo came for a visit and thought he could get a better sound from it... so he removed the pickup and re-installed it, really without issue. He had to use some sort of solvent to remove the epoxy, but it was not big deal...

One thing I would say would be to work closely with Teddy regarding the choice/number for the pickup and the install process. It's a bit involved, but you really only have to do it once... I don't suspect that I will find a reason to pull either set of Dazzos out of either guitar... they are just THAT good!

Id like to get Dazzos put in my D-18. How do I work with Teddy to get the best possible install, when logistically, were a long ways apart?
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