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Originally Posted by michaelm101 View Post
This is my dialogue with Fishman:

Hello Gary- Will this compressed air procedure remedy the following issues?:

This is what the owner said:

"I fired it up again this morning and there is definitely too much noise when you engage any one of the three tone controls.

I also noticed that the channel two “clipping” light stays lit red even when only using channel one. I don’t why."


Hi Michael,

Its a really good shot that it will.

The Pots have an opening so stuff can collect in there and cause this to happen.


Roll the dice 🎲. Pro level gear is pro level gear. I've bought several used pro level speakers that I've had [and still work like new] for 7+ years now.
As my username suggests, huge fan of Yamaha products. Own many acoustic-electric models from 2009-present and a couple electric. Lots of PA too.
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