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Originally Posted by _Mike_ View Post
Can’t answer your question, but CAN tell you the procedure for cleaning the pots with canned air is pretty straightforward and relatively easy (assuming you have some mechanical aptitude).

I have an SA220 I got really cheap because one channel was dead. One $5 can of air and about 30 minutes and it was working again.

I’ll send you the instructions if you pm me an email.
Here are some details from the owner:

"But first, I want to make sure you are fine without being able to use the three tone controls. Useless, of course, you get it repaired.

I fired it up again this morning and there is definitely too much noise when you engage any one of the three tone controls. I also noticed that the channel two “clipping” light stays lit red even when only using channel one. I don’t why."

Any comments on this is greatly appreciated...
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