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Originally Posted by jseth View Post
I would be very surprised if those knobs are, indeed, "original"... don't recall any older Guild with something like that. Maybe they were there when you got the guitar, but are not factory-original?

Of course, if you have owned it since it was new, then I'm obviously way off base!

When you changed to the Element system, did your tech use the existing vol/tone pots are did he use the Baggs versions and just connect them to the knobs? If the pots are what were in the guitar, they may be a big part of the problem.

Sounds as though you are more committed to the knobs than the sound of the guitar....

Hope you find a solution that works for you...
It is a pretty rare model. A 1983 D70-12E. The E is for electronic (or electric), and I confirmed with Hans Moust that the knobs and the original system are original to the guitar.

The pots were replaced when my tech undertook the project, but I would have to find out from him exactly what he did.

I have no problem replacing the system with another that sounds better, if there is no other option, but my preference is not to make the knobs obsolete.

I just want to determine if what I want to do is possible, so that the guitar can be played as intended.


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