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The Element system is active, and comes with a battery pack, which was installed.

When I say the output is weak, I mean that when I switch from any of my other guitars to this one, the volume is lower, and I need to increase it a bit to get it to the same level as it was before. Not a real problem, just an observation. The real issue for me is the quality of the amplified sound. It is muddy.

I plug into a Fishman Loudbox Artist or Fishman SA330X, and I just acquired a T-Rex Soulmate Acoustic.

The guitar is a Guild 12 string from 1983. I donít know how the tone knob functions. I donít really use it, and it does very little to modify the sound.

Here is a picture.

I think the issue is that the Element system was modified so that it works with the stock knobs, but I am looking for a better solution.
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