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Do you have onboard amplification connected to the knobs or are they passive? Ie is the tone knob similar to an electric guitar tone control in that it rolls off treble? Does the guitar require a battery? How are you amplifying, acoustic amp, powered speaker or direct to a mixer and PA?

I suspect the system is passive as you say the signal is weak, in which case you have two basic options if you want to retain the onboard knobs, depending on what you are using as amplification:

1. Invest in a good active (battery or phantom powered) direct box. This is a good option if you are connecting directly to a mixer and PA. By balancing and optimising the impedance of the signal it makes it much easier to gain up and eq at the mixing desk. Active is recommended as a passive direct box will give a good signal to a mixing desk at the expense of the line out to your own amplifier if using one.

2. Invest in a good floor- or even rackmount preamp. I have a 12-string with a passive Baggs iBeam pickup which is fairly useless without my Tonebone Pz-pre floor preamp. The signal is too weak and thin sounding on its own - itís no K&K Pure Mini! With the preamp I have control over signal level to a mixer, powered speaker or amplifier, plus it has built in direct out so sound engineers are happy.
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