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Over the years we've developed a really strong bond with the wonderful folks at Eastman. It helps that their West Coast HQ is about an hour's drive from our shop.

About three years ago they started playing our stuff in their shop, and they finally endorsed us as their go-to pick line. They use our picks for testing and fine-tuning in their custom shop, as well as across their acoustic and mandolin lines. We're really humbled by that.

A couple new goodies from CLP:

Our Vespel triangle at .75 mm is the flat-out the best triangle in the industry under 1.0 mm. It's been embarrassing every pick in the industry for the better part of a decade now. It's not even a fair fight.

Now in stock: Genuine DuPont Vespel polyimide teardrops, .90 or 1.0 mm, only $33.95, plus FREE SHIPPING!
our online store:

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