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Default 1939 Gibson SJ-100, Mahogany/Adirondack Spruce

Big boy, big sound, big personality! 1939 Gibson SJ-100, anybody? Adirondack Spruce over Mahogany, 5-piece Maple neck, and a unique set of appointments and design features that step the SJ-100 outside the bounds of a regular Gibson Super Jumbo flattop. For the early 1939 SJ-100, Gibson used a mustache bridge with individual saddles, stairstep headstock, triple bindings on top, and butterfly Kluson tuners. 17 inches across the lower bout for a thunderous bass response, precisely what youd expect from a flattop this fierce, and this beauty is only a little over five pounds in weight; easy to keep on playing. Original case, original components, and our repair shop went over the SJ-100 from tuner to tail to make sure its up to snuff and ready for action. They confirmed that the finish is original to boot, with some finish repairs over the years. A powerhouse to be the gem of your Gibson collection!

Gibson collectors take note! This is a rare model from the desirable year of 1939. If this guitar could talk! A key feature is the unique mustache bridge with individual saddles, and of course it has the great Gibson sunburst. We are delighted to have such a rare offering. - Paul Heumiller

Cash Price: $21,995

For more information please visit:

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