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Originally Posted by JimCA View Post
Really sounds interesting Jim..., very savvy wife! Is it useable entirely self contained? It's not clear where the recording is stored.
It is certainly usable self-contained, but using it with the app opens lots of possibilities and options. Last night, I was just messing with it to get a better feel for the amps and pedals... not recording, just listening to the various tones and effects.

The recording happens on the Spire, then moves onto your phone or iPad, as you're recording. If you are using it without being connected (wirelessly) to a device, your recording stays on the Spire until you do connect. Using the Spire alone, or the app alone is not as full featured as using them together. Then, it is just a button press on the app to upload the file to a DAW, a compressed file, or direct to SoundCloud.

It is not unusual for Joan to know what I will want before I do.

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