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Lots of activity on this carbon fiber forum right now - fun to read!

I came across something interesting yesterday that some of you are probably aware of. I'm kinda new at this whole guitar thing, only 54 years now, so I'm still picking up new techniques.

Decades ago, I was told, "If you want to hear how your guitar sounds to those in front of it, play it while facing close to a wall. And, I have done that.

I was playing the X7 in the living room yesterday morning. It's the older version, with the offset sound hole, but not like the newer ones that also open up towards the player.

Joan asked me to look at something on our deck. I stood up while still playing, walked over to the window to look out - the sound reflecting off the glass of the window came back at me with surprising power! My little X7 sounded like a much bigger guitar.

Yeah, I get it: the solid, hard surface of the glass vs the softer painted wall board... but, what a difference!

I tried it with the X10 (upturned sound hole) and the results were similar, but not as dramatic. Which of course brought the question from the Blonde, "What are you doing? Stop that - you're going to scare the neighbors!"

What was I wearing? Well, I hadn't gotten fully dressed for the day. "But, listen to this sound!"