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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post

It seems that your collection is lacking. Having a 7, 10, and 20 is not the same as having all of those AND a 30. Best get busy.
Well, I have learned to never say never, friend Evan, but the X20, to me, is as big as I'd like. Of course, that opinion could change with the opportunity to play (and hold) an X30. Something similar happened last February, when the gathering at Kramster's presented the opportunity to play his "vintage" X10 and a bunch of other guitars.

I played the X20 today; such a great sound. After a bunch of time with the X10, the X20 is noticeably larger. Not uncomfortably so, but at the end of my comfort range. I have no doubt that Alistair can work magic with a design... it would be interesting to hear from Kramster, Byudzai, and others who have spent some time with both to get a "feels" impression. I have no doubt the X30 has great tone. Even Irish mojo can't change physics.

I don't have to tell you that from a comfort standpoint, bigger isn't always better, especially as we ... um... mature. So, for now, I'm at a very good place with my guitar options. Thanks for thinking of me. though.