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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post

Lo Siento. When I retired from my official job, my wife had a two page list of do-stuff stuff. Like change the light bulb that had been out of 6 months--like I really need light to do my stuff in the morning. But she does, hence so do I, now. Just another houseboy.

The trick is not to do everything well. For example, I do a horrible job of cooking, and I am never asked to do so. I am also terrible at loading the dishwasher--never have to do that. But what I do, I do to the max and so far seem to be ahead in my many services (I'm terrible at dryer repair so we have a new one--eat your heart out).
No worries, my friend. There has never been a two page honey-do list for me... oh, there may be "one task per day"... seems there is always something that needs to be done.

When our daughter was younger, I enjoyed going shopping with those two. These days, I don't even enjoy shopping in most music stores (there are exceptions), and the two things I really try to avoid: shopping for furniture or appliances. I would much rather try my hand at the fast-paced non-paying world of dryer repair than have to schlep around looking at appliances. Tankless water heater, garbage disposal at the house, the a/c on the motorhome, and on our last cruising boat... well, the definition of cruising is: fixing your boat in exotic locations.

I guess I figure: if something is already broken, odds are pretty good I can't break it more. Joan likes to cook and clean; I like to eat and not clean... I keep the vehicles (and vessels) maintained... she route plans, I drive. I play music, she is an appreciative audience. We're a good team.

The weather here has been lousy the last two weeks - I haven't seen this duration of gray skies, wind and rain, since we've lived here. That is supposed to break overnight. Joan just asked, "Are you going to take me for a boat ride tomorrow?"

I'm in.