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This is why we have the McJam each June for a weekend of fun and music. Many are AGF members, but that's not a requirement.

We limit it to no more than 50, but we average 35 people. We have a small fee so I can afford to feed everyone. We have it at our home shop so people can see where McKnight Guitars are made and meet the luthier. This is the time to meet other customers and to discuss any guitar they want to discuss. They don't have to be a customer. Just have to enjoy and appreciate the art of guitars and respect the others who are playing. There are motels 10 minutes down the road but we have had a few times someone would pack a tent or sleep in a clean man cave shed. We have open mic, but nobody is required to sing or play. Husbands come with friends or they bring the wife. Our event is no alcohol. A few locals will bring food.

I give door prizes. So far nobody has ever left empty handed or hungry!

Attendees have come from all over Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, western and southern states, Eastern states, Nova Scotia. We have one AGF member who is an attendee who Skypes but has never been here but because he lives in Australia!

If Ohio is doable driving wise get in touch with Tim or me and I can add your email to the McJam list.
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If you are interested in attending the McJam
(Heart of Ohio annual private event)
June 2023
contact Tim or me in e-mail, text or PM.
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