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Originally Posted by kramster View Post
The X10 sure is a fine playing critter... love it plugged in...and true the neck is great... havenít done 2 amps at once yet... guess I am having too much fun putting together a video for the X7 and one for X30...
Your videos are outstanding, Mr. K - I'll be looking forward to seeing and hearing the X7 and X30.

One of my all-time favorite guitars is the Taylor T5. I have used mine with an A/B/Y pedal, allowing the signal to go to an acoustic amp, an electric amp, or both. The difference with the X10 is: you can send different signals (piezo and humbucking) to different amps at the same time, as long as you send the signal out with a TRS to a Y cable. No switching pedal needed. AND, the X10 is a lovely acoustic guitar unplugged.

Flip the switch forward on the X10 and you get just the humbucking pickup; flip it back and you get just the piezo pickup; put it in the middle and you get both. With a standard guitar cord, that same switch allows you to blend those pickups with one signal going to your choice of amp. Still very cool, but the TRS into a Y makes the tone variety almost infinite... a nice rich acoustic sound coming from one amy and a growling electric sound (if that is your choice) from an electric amp.

This was my hope for the X10, but the reality is even better than I had hoped. I bought a short TRS to Y cable to try it out. It works great, but a longer cable allowing the plug in of the other two cables at the floor level would be a better stage solution. As is, I can loop the cords up behind the strap, and they are out of the way.

All that said, this is a very cool guitar!