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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post
And so, Jim, it looks like you are a perfect waiter. House in order, checking everything twice, stiff upper lip and the whole gruesome experience of waiting. Lo Siento. Hang in there, enjoy the pain--another sign that you are still alive and proceeding onward, into the waves of life.

Say hi to your cat for me. My dog is a Dali Lama, much better than I am--more candid, truthful, decent, and honorable. I give your cat the same accord--probably a lot better than you are. From your cat's perspective your only saving grace is probably your side-kick. Same with Jasper, he views my Barbara as about my only good attribute. He may be right.
Funny, Evan. The waiting has been easy... until the ready/not ready stuff. I wasn't even going to talk about ordering this until I knew it was ready to ship... and now we are almost a full month later.

Rufus says "Hi, back at ya!" Our sweet Izzy (still miss her every day) was Joan's cat (they picked each other), and they let me live in their world. Even Joan will tell you that I am Rufus's person. No doubt he loves us both... but if there was only one life jacket and the boat was going down, he would give me the jacket and jump into my arms. Fortunately, I have two arms and could hang on to him and the Blonde. Perhaps I should reverse that order.

It is a nice treat that Rufus enjoys my music, amplified or acoustic.

I look back at the scrufty cat we adopted, and I am amazed at how handsome and regal he has become...

... and such a fun personality! He gives me hugs! Yes, really.

Oh, and I have a new guitar coming.

I'm planning to get the boat back in the water tomorrow, so there will be plenty to keep me busy. You know, 'till the new guitar arrives.